Why we do this Letter from an unsatisfied tire store customer

I received this email by accident last week.  It was written by a well-respected and traveled business owner who had a horrible experience trying to get a set of tires installed.

“I have run a business for decades and I have never run into such a poorly managed store. I don’t think you will remain in business much longer if this continues. I had a 2 p.m. appointment to have 4 tires installed and then an alignment done — I told them I would have to wait for the car and the store gave me the appointment time. When I got there I was told they would get it done in between 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending upon the work on the alignment. After 2 hours I left the waiting area and noticed my car was still outside in the parking space. I went to the same person and asked him what was going on. He said they were quite backed up and “at this point” it will be another 20-25 minutes when the next rack opened up and my car would go up on it. After 25 minutes I went back and looked and my car was still outside. I went to the desk again and he told me “at this point” things are backed up it might be another 20 minutes before my car went on the rack, but they wouldn’t have time to do my alignment. I was upset and a person who I think was the manager, apologized and said they would get it done if he has to go back and do it himself and he would adjust my bill to compensate. I patiently waited another 30 minutes and went back to check on it. At that time I found there were other customers with the same problem and being told “at this point in time” we’re backed up, but we’ll stay late to take care of it. Then I asked about the manager that had told me he would take care of things, even if he had to do it himself. Another customer informed me that he drove off about 45 minutes before. I waited another 40 minutes until 6:05 and my car still hadn’t moved. I took my 4 tires and left. An entire afternoon wasted and didn’t get the work done. If I ran my business 10% this bad we would have been out of business a long time ago.”

– Ex brick and mortar tire store customer

This is the very reason why a Mobile Tire Service ran by TIA Certified technicians is the fastest growing market segment in the tire and wheel industry.  2U Mobile Solutions provides a turn-key business for most anyone who wants to get a grip on their future.  Whether you are a startup or an existing business looking to expand into mobile, we have a successful business model that is proven and scaleable. Give us a call to discuss your future, 1.844.868.1777.