The 2 Most Powerful Words Tour notes #1

What if …”. These two words stir the soul and ignite the flames of invention, design and development that propel our businesses, our lives and society forward.  No other words are so powerful as these.

20 years ago, “What if” inspired me to sketch a diagram on a piece of scrap paper that lead to 3 ½ years of endless pursuit, which lead to the launch of the Wheel Fit™ tool.  Shortly afterward, the world was changed forever and the precision needed to create the most stunning vehicles in the world was finally available to all.  In the last 3 years, our product was used by professional builders to win every major award in the automotive industry including the America’s Most Beautiful Streetrod, America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and the coveted Ridler Award, among others.

15 years ago, “What if” led me to create the first ever curriculum for selling and installing custom wheels and non-OE tires.  Countless lives, of technicians and consumers alike, have been saved and millions of people have arrived safely at their destination because a trained automotive technician performed their job accurately and professionally.  Some of the largest retail tire and wheel companies in North America use it to increase sales and lower risk every day.  As a living document, the curriculum continues to grow and evolve to keep up with technology, processes and procedures.  As a TIA ATS Certified Instructor, I offer this program to extend beyond where the TIA ATS program ends to provide real-world solutions to issues that we face each day.

Now, exactly two decades after that first spark forever changed a 50-year-old wheel industry, “What if” will play a pivotal role in shaping not just society but our culture as well.  In 2 weeks, my newest venture will take to the streets of America and once again change the very process in how consumers and businesses purchase and receive tire and wheel products and services.  Our mobile society has an insatiable appetite for On-Demand Everything (ODE) and we will feed their desires with the most revolutionary business model that the automotive industry has ever seen.

Follow me, my business partner and our team as the future is unveiled right before your eyes.  We will be posting updates to our LinkedIn Group as well as our social media sites.  Connect with us on Facebook at and sign up for our newsletter at to make sure that you, your family and co-workers are a part of the next “What if.”